Refunds & Guarantee Info

It has come to my attention that I need to make my return policy and guarantees loud and clear so there’s no misunderstanding.

In a perfect world, this tea would help perfectly everyone who needs it. I guess, in a perfect world, nobody would need the tea, because we would all be flowing perfectly with breast milk.

In reality, this tea won’t help everyone. We don’t have double-blind studies, but there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that these galactagogues helps increase breast milk. Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my time.

The truth is, if we started offering refunds, we’d have to charge at least $45.00 for the tea product. So, to keep the price as low as possible and offer you the best quality-100% organic-there are no refunds. Sorry.

The ONLY exception is an unopened package. If you mail back an unopened package on your own dime, then I will refund you for the package, but not for the shipping cost.

Also, in the unlikely event of an incorrect order, we’ll reimburse the entire cost, including return shipping costs.


Guarantee: We cannot, of course, make any guarantees on this product. Please feel free to do your own research. I have spent countless hours researching, on your behalf, to try to find the sufficient amount of galactagogues that will help, but all of us are so different that it’s hard to predict the outcome. I wish you the very best nursing experience-and remember, you’re a good mom, your baby is lucky to have you, and it’s not your fault! Just keep loving your baby, and give him or her lots of cuddles. That IS what’s most important!


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